Monday, February 22, 2010

What's a good hair relaxer for african american women?

The ones I use don't really straighten my hair, it kinda leaves it like hard know what I mean, or just not real hair looking. Like of course I won't get salon quality hair after using relaxer at home but I want something that'll leave it at least soft where I can just blow dry it 1.2.3 and be out the door.What's a good hair relaxer for african american women?
I use Hawaiian Silky no lye and it's the best one I've used. It's made w/ lithium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide (lye) or calcium hydroxide (what most no lye box relaxers are mostly made of). I use to burn a lot with any other relaxer that I used.

You kind of have to pick your poison when you get a lye or a no lye relaxer. Lye will burn your scalp more easier but it can make your hair look better. Most no lye in box relaxer is easier on your scalp but your hair doesn't look as good b/c it leaves deposits on your hair. But with Hawaiian Silky I can get my hair bone straight and I've never burn in the 2 years that I've used it and my hair is shiny afterwards.

It should be a local beauty supply store. It's normally about 5 bucks and you get about 3 applications if not more out of one thing. Also you don't have to throw away what you don't use like you have to when you have a box relaxer. Get that and some neutralizing shampoo.

A lot of people also use Silk Elements or Organic Root Stimulator. If you can afford it then try Mizani Butter Blends or Affirm. Also you can get some salon quality looking hair if you google about how to take care of your hair.What's a good hair relaxer for african american women?
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