Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can Hair RELAXER get rid of Lice in Black hair?

I have long relaxed hair and was recently exposed to lice by my child. Will the Lye kill and remove the nits?Can Hair RELAXER get rid of Lice in Black hair?
wash your hair before erlaxing your hair (try washing your hair every day w/ shampoo, then use conditoner) maybe after relaxing your hair though, it will become easier to take care / to wash your hairCan Hair RELAXER get rid of Lice in Black hair?
sorry but i doubt it.
No relaxers are only for straightening hair. If you are exposed to lice go to your local doctor for treatment
Im not too sure about black hair cause its more corse. But When I was younger My little brother came home with it a couple times and my mom would just dye my hair and it would smother them and they would die. Of course you have to use a comb and comb through your hair the best you can over the sink or bathtub...eggs and lice will fall and go down the drain. Instead of the floor and the house. Hair relaxer is much stronger then hair Its worth a try...especially since lice shampoo is pretty expensive. Oh yea...Wash everything that could be exposed to the lice....clothes, sheets, etc....and boil any brushes! Good Luck!!
Hmm, where I live it's a sterotype that black women won't get lice because we take care of our hair so much with relaxers and oil treatments, grease...all that stuff.

I would assume since in my years of living I've never once encountered a black women with lice...

They are some super little buggers if they can handle living in our hair!
no a hiar realxer will straighten you hair not get rid of LICE were in the world did you get that i hope not cause it has harsh chemails in it thats not going to help you need a specail shampoo from your doctor to get rid of lice!!!!!
Yes it will kill them for sure..or you can dye the kids hair..that works too its the chemicals...but you still need fine tooth comb to take them out..good luck sorry this happened!鈥?/a>
you need to use rid. and wash your hair . i know you dont like to do that.

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